Sunday, June 22, 2008


So Allison and I decided a few weeks ago that we should create a blog in an effort to keep in touch with those who we don't get to see as often as we would like. The hope being that by keeping people updated as to what is going on in our lives they might reciprocate by commenting and or calling or whatever. We tend to forget about people, who we love and cherish very much, until they call randomly or something weird triggers a memory of them and then we are upset b/c we haven't talked to them in like a month. So this blog, in part, is an attempt to avoid those frustrations.

We would also just like a place to express thoughts, ideas, dreams etc. We talk often about our dreams and goals with our friends with the hope that in doing so we are creating accountability for ourselves. We want people to ask how our efforts to do missions with Muslims in France are going, and what we are doing now to make that a reality. Not to build us up or make others think more highly of us but to challenge us to stay focused.

Finally it just sounded fun. My wife takes awesome pictures so I love the idea of her getting to share them through this medium. I like to write occasionally and love the idea of facilitating discussion this way. So we hope that you will put us in your bloglines or google reader and comment often.

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