Sunday, November 22, 2009

Advent Conspiracy

Ok, so I know I left you hanging the other day. Let me explain a little more about Advent Conspiracy -the idea is to SPEND LESS, GIVE MORE, and LOVE ALL. This year you and I could spend less money giving gifts to the people around us and spend more giving to people who are in need.

Go to Advent Conspiracy site  for more info and for more  ideas of where to spend that money. Other amazing ideas are found at the His Voice for Sudan blog. The latest post has an amazing video about the needs in Sudan. The same post also links a document that gives more info on what some of the needs are. You can also click here for the document.

What's cool is that through this idea of spending less and giving more, it gives  you, your fam, your small group or your church a way to share Christ and love people in a different way this year.

Love you all!