Sunday, March 29, 2009

I would like to think that at some point we will get better at blogging regularly but that probably just isn’t going to happen. However we do intend to continue to blog and hope that you will continue to persevere through our inconsistency.

March has been a busy month just like all the other ones. Allison and I had our one year anniversary which we celebrated while Allison was sick. Conveniently about the time that Allison got better I got sick…..with the same thing. It was eventful to say the least. To celebrate we went to a nice restaurant called Lambert’s that Saturday night (which was good but took forever) and then to the Dallas Museum of Art Sunday afternoon (which was fun but you should probably take it in through multiple visits). It wasn’t quite on par with our honeymoon trip to Hawaii last year but we had fun and are extremely blessed and thankful for the last year. Also of note, we did yard work for the first time today in order to avoid becoming “those people”.

Upcoming we have Allison’s graduation…..6 weeks and counting. She will then officially become “educated” and able to answer questions effectively, per her father. We are also finishing up our travel plans to France this June. We are looking at spending more time in Marseille than we had originally planned due to various articles and trends that we have read about. If you think about it pray for this to be a fruitful trip. We are not really sure what it is supposed to look like and have found it difficult to set up meetings with folks over there.
That’s all for now boys and girls. Until next time

the kitchens’

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bathroom humor

This is what happens when you assume that the peanut butter crackers that you are about to eat are not tainted. You have to move the couch in front of the bathroom door.....for obvious reasons.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Hi friends!

Thanks so much for praying for sweet Jonathan and his family. First I have a correction to what I originally told you- he is Cooks in Fort Worth, not Dallas, so it is only 15 minutes away for the parents.

Secondly an update:
- the mom has been discharged from the hospital and is doing much better- I mean I can't imagine though, healing from both Pneumonia and a C-section!
- Today Jonathan will be having his first open heart surgery at 8 this morning! Please please please continue to pray for this family! This will be the first of many surgeries, and this journey is just beginning for them!