Sunday, August 2, 2009

Response to a comment

This post is in response to the following comment:

What's wrong with clothing optional beaches? It's just been a way of life in Europe since the beginning. I tanned topless on the beach in Spain all the time when I was there, it's not awkward because everyone's so used to it. Is it a Baptist thing?

The problem with the question (what is wrong with clothing optional beaches) is that we do not share the same worldview as the commenter and therefore do not view this issue through the same lens. More specifically Allison and I believe in absolute truth and objective morality as defined by the bible. Consequently we value modesty and purity more than self-expression and the absence of tan lines because the bible values modesty and purity more than these things. On the other hand the commenter’s view of morality and truth appear to be subjective based on their own opinion and personal experience. To argue “right or wrong” in this situation with this individual would be a fruitless endeavor because we are not working within the same framework.

The question is really one of worldview and which one makes the most sense…we have chosen Christianity, which is based on the Bible, which we believe to be divinely inspired by the God who created us. The commenter has chosen their own opinions based on their personal life experience.