Sunday, November 22, 2009

Advent Conspiracy

Ok, so I know I left you hanging the other day. Let me explain a little more about Advent Conspiracy -the idea is to SPEND LESS, GIVE MORE, and LOVE ALL. This year you and I could spend less money giving gifts to the people around us and spend more giving to people who are in need.

Go to Advent Conspiracy site  for more info and for more  ideas of where to spend that money. Other amazing ideas are found at the His Voice for Sudan blog. The latest post has an amazing video about the needs in Sudan. The same post also links a document that gives more info on what some of the needs are. You can also click here for the document.

What's cool is that through this idea of spending less and giving more, it gives  you, your fam, your small group or your church a way to share Christ and love people in a different way this year.

Love you all!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Flower Mound Pumpking Patch

This weekend was so fun! Amy Kuntz and Erin Woods came to town, and it was so good to hang out with them and the Burgers'... so refreshing. On Saturday, we went to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch. It was free to get in, and play in the bounce houses or the hay maze. It was so fun, just making memories with good friends! Here are some random pics I took while we were there.

Love you all... hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Response to a comment

This post is in response to the following comment:

What's wrong with clothing optional beaches? It's just been a way of life in Europe since the beginning. I tanned topless on the beach in Spain all the time when I was there, it's not awkward because everyone's so used to it. Is it a Baptist thing?

The problem with the question (what is wrong with clothing optional beaches) is that we do not share the same worldview as the commenter and therefore do not view this issue through the same lens. More specifically Allison and I believe in absolute truth and objective morality as defined by the bible. Consequently we value modesty and purity more than self-expression and the absence of tan lines because the bible values modesty and purity more than these things. On the other hand the commenter’s view of morality and truth appear to be subjective based on their own opinion and personal experience. To argue “right or wrong” in this situation with this individual would be a fruitless endeavor because we are not working within the same framework.

The question is really one of worldview and which one makes the most sense…we have chosen Christianity, which is based on the Bible, which we believe to be divinely inspired by the God who created us. The commenter has chosen their own opinions based on their personal life experience.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The trip was sooooo good, but it is also good to be home. We both LOVED Marseilles. The culture there is much more laid back than in Paris. We did end up going to the Chateau d’If (which is the prison from the Count of Monte Cristo, as well as the prison which held many non-fiction prisoners). The prison itself was amazing walk through. What was really spectacular though was the view of Marseilles from the top of Chateau d’If. It was truly breathtaking.

In our time there in Marseilles, we decided we wanted to take a stroll the beach and stick our feet in the Mediterranean. We took a bus to one of the beaches. As we are standing about 30 above the beach on the side walk, we realized that the beaches in South France are definitely “clothing optional”, yes it was a little awkward. Needless to say, we did not take a stroll on that beach!

After two days there we returned to Paris on the iDTGV train (this is a ridiculously fast train that runs all over France.
We began our trip at point A, Went on to Lyon (point B) and finally made it to Marseilles (Point C), so fun!

At the Chateau d'If...

and yes we did both enjoy a burger and fries our last day there!

the view from our hotel, Hotel Saint Louis

The Mediterranean Sea...

The old port in Marseilles

The new port...and the Pajama Cathedral(I don't know the real name, that's what the locals called it)

The front of the Chateau d'If

The view from the Chateau d'If

At the top of the hill, Notre Dame de la Garde

All of that said... we had a total blast.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick Update

Greetings from Marseille

Allison and I just checked into our hotel after spending the morning wandering around Marseille. It is a gorgeous city and the seafood is ridiculous. We were really hoping to get to tour the Chateau d’ If (the prison from the Count of Monet Cristo) however the local fishermen are striking today and have blocked all of the ferries to the island. We will have to wait and see what kind of mood they are in tomorrow.

We spent the majority of our day yesterday with a missionary couple who have been serving the Lord in France for 20 years. They planted 3 different churches in Paris and are now working in south France. Our time with them was extremely encouraging and refreshing. We hope that this will be the first of many interactions that we have with this couple. We were also able to enjoy our first meal that didn’t consist entirely of carbs. (man cannot live on crepes and baguettes alone) The rest of the day we spent resting. It was good to get caught up on sleep as the night before we didn’t get much. Conveniently the Fete de la Musique took place directly below our hotel room until the wee hours of the morning and we had to be up at 5 to catch our train to Lyon.

After a brief rest this afternoon we plan to spend the rest of the evening and the majority of tomorrow exploring Marseille. We will catch the super-fast train tomorrow evening back to Paris and head to the airport Thursday morning.

We will post some pictures of Marseille this evening or tomorrow morning for you viewing pleasure.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Pictures


Our metro station

A typical Paris Café... all of the tables face outward so you can enjoy the day and watch people passing by.

Our view from our seats in the café

A bridge along the Seine River

Le Mosquée de Paris

Us in front of the Arc de Triomphe

Le tour Eiffel... no pictures do justice to the size and beauty of the arc or the Eiffel tower!! They are both breath taking- to quote a man who saw the arc and said this to his family "this is a WOW moment, I need a sec"

L'école militaire

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pictures from Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Today, in addition to visiting The Louvre and Notre Dame, we figured out we have Wi-Fi in our hotel has been a good day. As promised here are some pictures from our trip thus far.

This is a statue that was right in the middle of our terminal in Toronto.

The view from our hotel... and yes we are staying at Hotel Odessa, kind of ironic.

Notre Dame- We never got to go inside, the line had hundreds of people in it!!!

Hotel Dieu means 'Hotel God', I am sure it has some importance here... I just really liked the blue door.

Typical French Street

The Louvre -archways leading to entrance

A vanity from Henri V house

Becasue the Louvre was once a palace, all of the ceilings look similar to this

In the promenade area of the Louvre

Walking along the Seine River...if you look real close you can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance!
All that said, we have had a blast thus far!