Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The trip was sooooo good, but it is also good to be home. We both LOVED Marseilles. The culture there is much more laid back than in Paris. We did end up going to the Chateau d’If (which is the prison from the Count of Monte Cristo, as well as the prison which held many non-fiction prisoners). The prison itself was amazing walk through. What was really spectacular though was the view of Marseilles from the top of Chateau d’If. It was truly breathtaking.

In our time there in Marseilles, we decided we wanted to take a stroll the beach and stick our feet in the Mediterranean. We took a bus to one of the beaches. As we are standing about 30 above the beach on the side walk, we realized that the beaches in South France are definitely “clothing optional”, yes it was a little awkward. Needless to say, we did not take a stroll on that beach!

After two days there we returned to Paris on the iDTGV train (this is a ridiculously fast train that runs all over France.
We began our trip at point A, Went on to Lyon (point B) and finally made it to Marseilles (Point C), so fun!

At the Chateau d'If...

and yes we did both enjoy a burger and fries our last day there!

the view from our hotel, Hotel Saint Louis

The Mediterranean Sea...

The old port in Marseilles

The new port...and the Pajama Cathedral(I don't know the real name, that's what the locals called it)

The front of the Chateau d'If

The view from the Chateau d'If

At the top of the hill, Notre Dame de la Garde

All of that said... we had a total blast.