Monday, August 25, 2008


Here is a quick update on all things Kitchens':

  • Allison started back to TCU today for her final year. She is very ready to be done.
  • We absolutely love our church (Trinity Chapel Bible Church). We have been involved with a small group there for about 4 months and in September we will begin leading a college small group.
  • Work is work. I still enjoy it, which I know is more than most people can say.
  • Over the next couple of months we will visit a few schools to determine where, if anywhere, I might go next fall. We still feel like this is something we need to peruse until directed otherwise.
  • Lastly we are looking at trying to go to Europe this March. Our reasons are threefold; 1) It will be our one year anniversary 2) We have some friends who are living in London for the next 11 months that we want to visit 3) We hope by that time to have established a few contacts in France who are engaged in the same sort ministry/missions/lifestyle that we would like to be in the coming years.
Until next time

the Kitchens'