Friday, July 25, 2008

photography...I think i love it again

Hey All! Its Allison
Many of you know that FOREVER, ok maybe since high school I have loved photography. I have shot for many friends, and done some bigger jobs, but really I just love the art of photography. I love the way it connects me and the person/people I am shooting. I love that it is a way for the creativity God has made in us to be displayed. I love to use the camera to make people see they have great value...either through the pictures they see, or through the works I can speak to them in the time I spend with them. I love that it is an always changing art...and that ANYONE can be a photographer.

Somewhere though in the last 6 months... I had come to a point where I hated photography... I hated the thought of picking up my camera. I had not even realized this until the time grew closer for Amber and Jessica and I were getting ready to shoot Jake and Jessi Russo's Wedding. The whole feeling of hate came out. I still don't know why I felt that way... but Jake and Jessi's wedding cured me of it. Now all of the things I LOVED about shooting are back. It has been so good for me to walk through that because now the passion I once had for photography-where I never let my camera leave my hand, is returning.

But in light of all of that, I have been editing the pictures and here are a few...


Molly Kate said...

You have always been such an AWESOME photographer and I love your heart about it! I'm so glad you're into it again. I love these pics too!

The Dodds said...

Love them! You are wonderful! I'm sad I couldn't be there to spend time with you!