Friday, April 3, 2009

Flawed Logic

This morning I read two different stories regarding the issue of forced marriages of underage girls to men. (Finland) & (Spain) In addition to the obvious reasons to be offended and frustrated with these stories add to your list the logic of the parents. In both instances they claim that this is strictly a cultural issue not a moral one. This is the social norm in their former countries and therefore it is Western Europe that has the problem not Islam.

Even if this statement were true, which I do not believe it to be, their reasoning is bias. If we run out their argument then I should be able to live in their former countries and drink a beer or look a woman in the eye and have a conversation with her. My wife should be able to walk around with her head uncovered. However this is not the case because they would claim these cultural differences were moral issues. I would be subject to the laws that govern their country. In most instances Islam would be the law that governed the country, which I think helps to make my point.

These people are not trying to integrate into the countries they now inhabit….they are trying to conform them to Islam. Sometimes it is subtler than others but it is almost always the root issue of conflict between Western European countries and the Muslim population. They do not ultimately desire equality and freedom of religion. They want Islamic Republics governed by Sharia Law.

I share these things with you not to “get you all riled up” but rather in hopes that we will be moved to intercede on behalf of an already large and rapidly expanding people group that is, for the most part, unreached. I hope that our hearts will break for little Muslim girls that are forced to marry grown men AND their parents who think it's ok. The gospel is the only remedy for these problems. Because it values life (all are created in the image of God), it allows for submission to local authorities (God instituted them, He is sovereign) and because it is the power of God for salvation (which, from what I hear, is a pretty sweet deal).

I would love to hear your thoughts…..all 2 of you who have persevered through our blogging inconsistency.

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