Sunday, June 14, 2009


We hope that you, like the father of the prodigal son, will lovingly embrace our return to the blog world in spite of our long absence. We also hope that you will not judge the timing and motives of our return……… 3 days before we leave to go to France and, unashamedly, to ask for your prayers as we travel. Here is the itinerary for our trip as of this afternoon:

• Arrive in France Friday June 19th
• Friday through Sunday will be spent in Paris
• Monday we will travel to south France to meet with a missionary couple
• Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent in Marseille
• Arrive in DFW Thursday June 25

We intend to visit mosques and churches in different parts of the country as well as different neighborhoods within the larger cities. There will also be time to enjoy museums, restaurants, wine, cheese etc. I guess you could say that it is part exploratory, part visionary and part vacation. We are really excited about going. We simply ask that you would pray for safety and clarity. Our intention is to blog while on our trip so that we can share some of it with you…we will see how this goes. Regardless we covet your prayers as we seek out what it means for us to be obedient to what we believe we have been called to.

Thanks so much.


kj said...

absolutely! Jacob and I hope you guys have a great and fruitful time!

Dave said...

Hi Kitchenses! Casi, Jonathan, and I miss you two SO much. We're so excited about your trip to France. I don't know if you read Jonathan's blog, but he's making his debute at church, and I'm speaking to both services. Nuts that you won't be there!

Keep us posted on the trip! We'll be praying for you.

Molly said...

This is AMAZING! i can't wait to hear everything!!!