Friday, February 27, 2009


Hi all!
Two days ago, one of our friends who was 38 weeks pregnant went to the emergency room because her fever had reached above 102 for the second time that day . When she got there, they automatically hooked her and their precious baby to heart rate monitors. As the the nurses continued to give her fluids, they began realizing the baby's heart beat was erratic, so the doctor decided to perform an emergency c-section. Yesterday, Jonathan (the baby) seemed to be fully healthy and doing great. The mom on the other hand apparently had pneumonia, so she would have to stay in the hospital a little while longer to let her lungs get to full capacity.
This morning I received a call from a friend that Jonathan was rushed to Cook's Childrens last night because they discovered one of the ventricles in his heart was not fully formed. Today this sweet baby will undergo a major surgery, while mom is stuck in a Fort Worth hospital where they delivered Jonathan. And the Dad has two places to be at once that are an hour a part.

Please pray with us for this family. We know God is Healer, and we know God does everything for his glory. Best of all He is fully sovereign, and has not and will not miss a beat with this family.

We love you all! Thanks for praying!

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